Meet Cristy

Hi and welcome to my site.  My name is Cristy Colombo and I am a Independent Designer with Chalk Couture and a lover of DIY crafts.  I have three awesome kids ages 20, 26, and 29. My husband Martin and I live in Texas.  He is my biggest supporter of all the things that I can manage to get into. We love spending our weekends together (when I’m not lost in my craftroom) and we enjoy our breweries. Love him to pieces and I just feel blessed to have this man by my side.  I know you didn’t come here to hear all this mushy stuff so if you want to know how I got start, please keep on reading below 🙂


My start with Chalk Couture & first video ever!

What can I say about my Chalkology journey other  that I definitely didn’t start there at all.  You see I was with another  direct sales company for many many years.  I did it for business then personal use then gave the business another shot.  I didn’t go anywhere with it so yes, I quit.

Then getting close to Halloween 2017 I was at Michael’s with my husband looking for a wreath when my husband said “Why don’t you just make one?”  Well I still bought a wreath and yes, I started making and selling wreaths.  With the money I earned from sales, I began to build up my craft room.  I bought my Cricut and everything you can think of and I thought I was done, I nearly have everything you can imagine.  Ahhh, I can be in my craft room for hours.

This is where things take a turn.  I follow many people on social media, one in particular caught my eye when he was showing off a product I had never seen. I was in awe and continued to watch for about a month before I said, “I’m not watching any more!”  So I purchased the starter kit because I knew the kit offered the greatest savings and benefits which for me was the discount.  You see I do not like paying full price and it wasn’t even a thought for me…..automatic 40% off, YES, thank you!  Besides, I was only thinking personal use and I’m good because this was something that I didn’t have in my craft room and thought I can decorate my home.

I actually recorded the unboxing of my kit, I was nervous, I forgot to mention certain facts, and I actually didn’t get my first design right but WHATERVER I told myself.


I was having fun and then as I continued to follow my upline, I noticed things that never caught my eye like the business part.  The company I had joined was less than a year old (7 months old when I joined), Less than 9k Designers, one of the easiest products to use coming from the Cricut world and the earning potential.  This guy I was following was able to leave his job after a year of working with this product.  I was floored!

I could no longer sit on this and not try to work it as a business since this is a product I truly loved working with.  In fact, I’m becoming a little obsessed and with only four weeks into the business, I have a team of five and growing.

If you have any questions, please message me by filling out the information below.  I would love to answer questions or welcome you as a customer or team member.


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