August 2018

There are so many things to love about Chalk Couture®, and August is a GREAT time to join the company.

Fall is an amazing time of year to begin a new business, particularly in our industry—we have the big decorating holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas ahead with a special Holiday Suite release of Transfers coming in September. It is an incredible time to sell, show, and share these products because customers are looking for trendy decorating and gift ideas, and as the season gets cooler driving us indoors and kids are in school giving us more time. It’s the perfect combination to succeed in a business like Chalk Couture

Chalk Couture® is only one year old and is growing fast! Crafters and the non-crafty alike love how easy and unique our products are and their exclusivity makes them hot items. It’s a great time to join the revolution and make a brand for yourself!

Our Starter Kit is loaded with everything you need to make sample projects and learn to chalk in minutes. It’s only $99, but contains more than $240 in retail value of products, so it’s an incredible business booster and a great deal, too. During August, our exclusive pink backpack (perfect for toting pastes, inks, tools, and Transfers!) is available just for new Designers and at a killer price of $45, 50% off retail. This is rocket fuel for a new business!

Designers get incredible support and benefits, including access to a brand new Designer Office for reporting, placing orders, tracking inventory and more; joining our awesome Facebook Designer Studio just for Designers, a monthly Designer Subscription that includes a B-sized Club Couture™ Transfer mailed to your home every single month, plus the ability to attend events like our annual Convention, strive to earn incentive trips…or just share the love of chalking with friends and family and express your creativity!